Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Strange Garden of Lamaril

Lamaril was a Vornheim noble obsessed with gardens and strange plants. He or she crafted a wonderful roof garden that grow over multiple city towers. Lamaril is dead, but his or her garden is still hanging over Vornheim.

The garden is a series of roofs gardens, windowed rooms and balconies linked together by bridges and stairs. Helped by the Witches or maybe by the Wyverns he weaved a charm that protect the garden from the cold of Vornheim.

The gardeners are wood golems created by Lamaril. They are busy tending the garden and will usually ignore intruders if they don't interfere with their work and don't harm the garden or steal from it.

To explore the garden improvise the map and roll a d20 to determine the locations that the group encounters.
Each result of the d20 feature 3 entries. The first one is the main entry, the other ones are secondary entries that you can use before the main entry if you prefer to place the main entry later. Dont be afraid to often roll the d20 when you improvise the map. Oh and it ok to let the players find new path to explore behind walls of vegetation (like secret doors, but easier to find).

When you roll a number that you already rolled on the d20 simply use a secondary entry for the that number (they work as random encounters). If you already used the 3 entries and you don't want to repeat them, simply use gardeners or some intruders/visitors. If the group make noise or disturb the garden, roll to see if this attract a bunch of gardeners (like a chance of random encounter).

The garden feature some save or die situations.

d20 (note that there is plenty of ordinary vegetation in every locations)

  1. Elegant shed full of gardening tools, a wood carved statue of the Lady of Pain, blood encrusted chisels in a casket. / Half finished wood statue. / Bleeding tree, will sprout spiky fruits if healed. Each fruit heal 1hp, you get 1 fruit by hp that you healed the tree with. When cut in half the fruit inward form the face of a sleeping woman. 
  2. Locked seed house, birds enter by the roof, d4 bags of random magic seeds. / Planting area, pots of earth, tools, bag of seeds opened by birds. / Small tree sprouting from a corpse, empty sac of seeds folded in mouth. 
  3. Green house, meat compost, laboratory, some potions (including a blue poison antidote), a strange plant sprouting from a head pot, a book about the Rot in the rotting box in location 20. / Gardeners spreading meat compost. / Gardeners collecting a corpse. 
  4. Pool of rejuvenation: restore 2d6 HP by rejuvenating the same amount of years (the pool heal the Rot of the Rotting Box by rejuvenating 4d6 years). If you rejuvenate under 18 year old reroll your DEX, also reroll your STR if you get under 14 and also reroll your CON if you get under 12. If you drink too much and rejuvenate under 0 reroll your character, including your gender. Years past 0 grow you older. If you get stuck at 0 you are a new born baby. / Stagnant pool full of vegetation. / Empty pool recently drained, a children corpse lay at the bottom, adventurer gear.
  5. Golden peaches of wisdom. The peaches turn to gold if picked (minor treasure). If eaten while they are hanging from the tree: make a save, if you pass you gain +1WIS, if you fail you die as your organs turn to gold. Eating multiple peaches is bad. / A gold peach laying on the ground. / Opened corpse, no organs inside. 
  6. Vines of Love, smell sweet, move & try to caress. Eating the grapes: make a save, if you pass you feel super well (heal 1 hp) and you fall in love with the next person to eat the fruits and you can now share a dice roll once by session (exp.: both lovers roll for a test or something and they take the best result). On a fail you get blissful cramps and loose 1d4 hp. / Statue of a sexy nymph doing sexy things with grapes. / Strangled small animals. 
  7. Hungry carnivorous plants / Smashed plants (by intruders) / A carnivorous plant digesting a victim, find something interesting if you search the corpse. 
  8. Beehive protected by bird cages, the honey give a +2 to save vs a random magic fruit (d6: 1 gold peaches, 2-3 love grapes, 4-5 blue berries, 6 dragon fruits) (the honey taste like the fruit). / Busy giant bees / A gardener collecting honey from a caged beehive. 
  9. Statue of Lamaril petrified by the "love" of a medusa. Still holding the key of the Rotting Box / handsome male statue near a closed gate. / Broken statue near a open gate. 
  10. Tornchilds, quite territorial / Wall of ordinary thorn bushes. / Lone tornchild, curious maybe friendly, will follow group. 
  11. Woodcutting workshop, various wood carving and half finished gardeners. Spellbook or scrolls in a wood carved box. Book about plant armors and the dryads chest. / Busy gardeners / Broken gardener, unpredictable: make reaction test. 
  12. Hallucinogen pollen: make a save or hallucinate sexy stuff (and everything seem tasty). / Strange flowers that mimic sounds (but have no special effect) / Bridge covered in flowers.  
  13. Clockwork shrine of the insect god. Can pull or push 4 mechanisms: #1 activate the shrine, #2 prime a effect, #3 action a bad effect, #4 action a good effect. Bad effects: lock everything lockable in the garden, release mechanical insect darts, activate dart traps in the garden. Good: unlock everything, grant a pet insect dart, grant a blessing (as the spell) that also protect from bees. / patrolling insect darts / rusty dart trap / folded mechanic ladders that reach a upper or lower level of the garden. 
  14. Shadow Tree, if someone neutral or chaotic walk near the tree, make a save: if you pass the tree will whisper you a clue when you visit the next location, if you fail the tree will whisper a lie. / Gardener whispering to a shadow tree. / There was a tree there, but now only it shadow remain. 
  15. Creepers block the path, will attack if group hack at them. But friendly with the lone thornchild / Gardener stuck in creepers. / More nasty creepers. 
  16. Flower Queen: marvelous flower growing in a woman head pot. Talkative and precious, remember Lamaril, will give clues or lies about other city locations. Know the location of the Rotting Box, she can place it on the map. Defend herself with hallucinogen pollen that overload the senses or that mimic spells. If harmed gardeners will be on alert. / Gardeners tending rare but normal flowers / Rarer but normal flowers (worth something as a treasure).
  17. Blue berries growing on blue shrubs, poisonous make save, pass: take 1 dmg, fail: turn blue and die in 2d6 turns (antidote in green house). / blue corpse / blue birds (immune to the poison, love the fruits).   
  18. Dragon fruits, if you taste them make a save. If you pass: +1 STR, +3 save VS fire, breath fire for d6 dmg as a free action, last 2d6 turns. If you fail: start breathing fire and turn into a fire breathing lizard in 2d6 rounds. Oh yeah because of it protection charm, fire have a hard time spreading in the garden. / Giant fire breathing lizard / Shred & burned clothes. 
  19. The Rotting Box: if opened a cursed gem unleash the rot (the gem can be a major treasure). Save or start rotting (lose HP until you die and become undead) (The rejuvenation pool can save you). The rot will spread to other locations of the garden: now each time you visit a location you have a cumulative 1 chance on a d6 that the rot will be there (reset at 1 on d6 once you encounter a rotting location). Rotting locations don't infect the characters but will ruin plants and will turn everything into aggressive monsters (including corpses). / a rotting small animal or some other ordinary rotting stuff / a rotting wood statue of the Lady of Pain.
  20. Frozen area, the garden charm don't work here, everything is frozen except for some cold resistant plants (like tornchild, creepers & the blue berries shrubs). / Frozen bridge with ice on it / Frozen balcony. Invaders: someone or something is getting into the garden.
Random seeds d10 (most of them are very hard to grow without proper lore or books on the subject):
  1. Golden Peaches of Wisdom
  2. Vines of Love
  3. Carnivorous plants
  4. Torn Child
  5. Hallucinogen flowers
  6. Creepers
  7. Blue Berries
  8. Dragon Fruits
  9. Shadow trees
  10. Flower Queens (need head pot to grow)

Hedgehog Clan

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Piercers could be rolled up cloakers.

Somebody must have figured this, but piercers could be in fact a cloaker variant that roll up itself into a tight cone to fall down on preys.

The head and tail of the cloaker go inside the cone and the cloaker fix itself on the ceiling with it wing's claws and it tail.

The head of the cloaker go on the outside of the cone to form the classic stalactite with eyes figure.
Both variants can use it cloak's wings to fly back in the air to make a new diving attack or to cling back on the ceiling. But I guess that their flight must be very clumsy.

Now maybe you can have real piercers and cloaker that mimic piercers. I mean cloaker are already mimicking cloaks so why not mimic piercers?

Note that the cloakers shape don't need to be pie-shaped, I used the pac-man shape just to link with paper cones (I imagine their "wings" are a little longer).

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rural encounters table.

When the group travel in the countryside you can roll on this table to bring life to the farms or villages they pass through.

To dress a rural scene roll a d20 to read a row of entries or roll four d20 to mix the results. 

There is 1 chance on a d6 that something suspicious is going on. Like people hiding some criminal, unmoral, shameful or forbidden activities. If so, there is also 1 chance on a d6 that it involve something supernatural.

Men Women Kids & other stuff Community & family
  1. Man sitting alone on a log, staring at something.
  2. Man leading 3 mules loaded with chopped wood.
  3. Old man rebuilding a stone fence.
  4. Man working in the field or a shepherd watching his flock of sheep.
  5. Two men charging forage on a cart pull by a ox.
  6. Man painting a pottery near his small workshop.
  7. Man carrying a shovel.
  8. Man walking near old ruins.
  9. Man chopping wood.
  10. Men sawing logs near a water mill.
  11. Man fishing in a stream or bringing back fishes.
  12. Old smith working on horseshoes.
  13. Man teaching to his son how to fix a cart wheel.
  14. Man preparing to slaughter a pig.
  15. Man sawing wood while two women fix barrels.
  16. Man burning something outside his house.
  17. Old folks smoking pipe and playing cards.
  18. Doctor travelling on foot.
  19. Man tending a horse.
  20. Man working on the roof of his house.

  1. Two women sitting on chairs and plucking chickens.
  2. Women bringing food to someone.
  3. Woman giving orders to her son.
  4. Woman taking water from a well.
  5. Two women sitting near a house and weaving baskets.
  6. Woman hanging clothes to dry.
  7. Woman storing something in a shed.
  8. Woman feeding the animals in the barn.
  9. Woman and a kid charging vegetables on a cart.
  10. Women walking with baskets on their back.
  11. Women washing clothes in a stream.
  12. Women sealing milk jars.
  13. Woman transporting a basket too heavy for her.
  14. Woman drawing under a three
  15. Woman calling her kids.
  16. Tired widow taking a short break from her chores.
  17. Two women talking while feeding the chickens.
  18. Woman checking on a kid that got hurt.
  19. Women sewing clothes.
  20. Woman carrying a ladder.

  1. Little girls reading under a three.
  2. Kid climbing over a fence.
  3. Kid watching from behind a window.
  4. Boys playing being knights, a girl is watching them.
  5. Kids running.
  6. Kid teaching to a other kid how to make a wooden sword.
  7. Kids balancing on a plank over a log.
  8. Girls with baskets picking flowers and peebles.
  9. Kid bring food to a shepherd.
  10. Kids teasing a dog tied to a house.
  11. Herbs drying on a house.
  12. Kids playing with clothes hanged to dry.
  13. A abandoned cart.
  14. A runaway goat chewing on some clothing.
  15. Kids watching cows.
  16. Girl crying with a duck in her arms.
  17. Kids gathering apples in a orchard.
  18. Kids digging something.
  19. Girl searching a cat.
  20. A sulking kid.

  1. Farmer and his wife storing tools.
  2. A family working in the field.
  3. A man weaving baskets while his wife talk to him.
  4. A couple charging bags of grain on a cart.
  5. Man and woman talking on a doorstep.
  6. People eating bread on the grass.
  7. People playing a dexterity game.
  8. Lovers meeting somewhere discreet.
  9. Family unloading a cart of grain.
  10. Family mourning or burying a dead.
  11. Family loading their goods on a carriage.
  12. People gathering around a house, a woman is giving birth.
  13. People talking near a barn, a cow or horse is giving birth.
  14. Priest talking with people near a old church.
  15. People moving a herd of cattle.
  16. People travelling on burdened horses.
  17. Family constructing a barn.
  18. Peddler travelling with his kid and a dog.
  19. Priest visiting a sick person.
  20. People discussing trading animals or property.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Crow spirit or demon

I tried to drawn a mecha and I ended up with a crow spirit or demon.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Order of the Destroying Angel (fungus + paladins)

The order was found in the honor of a great paladin that received the blessing of the Destroying Angel's spores.
"The Destroying Angel: Spores on the wind make contact physical and psychic with the dying and vengeful. Destroying Angel will bond with the willing and give regeneration, weird slabby mushroom plate, and make them count as a fungus for mind effecting effects. In exchange after the mission is complete it will ask to go to somewhere high where it can convert the bearer into a large fruiting structure and disperse its spores."
When you join the order you receive a holy fungus armor grown from the fruiting remains of the holy founding father and a little psychomycosis sister or brother that will guide you in your holy avenging.

The order only accept orphans and youth people who have a dying little brother or sister. The order maintain a orphanage and a fungus plantation where they grown magical herbs that the paladins smoke to prevent the unwelcome secondary effects of breathing so many spores. They are specialist of healing herbs and drugs and they maintain a healing clinic and library. Orphans that get too sick while working in the fungus plantations are saved by receiving the holy psychomycosis megaspore sacrament. The orphans who survive the plantations and grow older become paladins.

But all of this is gone, the order have been accused of many crimes and the paladins have been declared felons and have been chased away from their church and holy plantations. 

Their founding father is trap under the church's ruins and the surviving paladins have become wandering knights guided only by their cryptic psychomycosis pages, who seem to constantly lead them into dungeons.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Werewolf Lanterns

I don't know what those strange lanterns do, but if someone want to write a random effects table for the lanterns I will happily post the link here. 
Some lore about the lanterns have been discovered on Aeons & Augauries.